Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What is an ONT?

It is an OPTICAL NETWORK TERMINAL, which serves to convert light to data and vice versa, in other words it serves as a modem for optic fibre.

2. Can I move my access point and ONT to a location that better suits me?

No, the access point contains a sensitive fibre connection point and it cannot be disconnected or connected by the average DIY person or building contractor. The yellow fly lead used between the access point and the ONT is also extremely fragile, since it is basically constructed from glass. Pets, toddlers and vacuum cleaners are the biggest threats to fly leads. The lead should never be rolled up tightly, bent, or fixed to walls or skirtings with electrical cable saddles

3. Does INTIO360 shape or throttle my service?

No, we do not shape or throttle our customers’ service in any way. Every ONT is configured exactly the same.

4. Why is my speed slower than the service I subscribed to?

On a GPON network bandwidth is shared. You are only ever competing with a maximum of 64 people, so you should always get very close to your full speed,even if all other people are using the network at the same time. The important thing to note though is whether or not you are connecting to the ONT wirelessly or via network cable. A wired connection will always outperform a wireless connection. To get the best speeds, connect all possible devices using a network cable. If you choose to utilise wireless, you will generally get a degraded speed. Wireless is affected by numerous environmental factors that we cannot control.

5. Does INTIO360 enforce a Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

No, we do not enforce a FUP, because experience has taught us our customers are generally well behaved. INTIO360 does reserve the right, and will take whatever steps INTIO360 deems necessary, to prevent improper or excessive usage of the service. For more details please see Annexure 2 to our Terms and Conditions.

6. What does my ONT’s lights mean?

Your most important lights are your broadband and service lights. The rest are fairly self-explanatory.
Broadband light: This indicates the status of the fibre link
 Solid green – Fibre connection is active
 Flashing green – There may be a minor issue on the fibre link => Notify support@initio360.co.za
 Red – High signal loss => Notify support@initio360.co.za
 Off – Link disconnected => Notify support@initio360.co.za
Service light – Refers to your internet access
 Flashing green – no problems
 Red – Password mismatch or the account suspended => contact us on support@initio360.co.za
 Off – ONT not configured for internet access => contact us on support@initio360.co.za

7. How do I upgrade to a faster service?

Please notify your account manager or a sales representative at INTIO360 or, if you are subscribed to someone else’s service, contact your service provider.
INTIO360 requires a signed order form indicating your desired speed. INTIO360 will process and load the change of service. Turnaround time is generally two days.

8. What do I do if my ONT loses connectivity or my service stops working?

Contact our helpdesk on Tel: 010 020 5696, or send an email to support@initio360.co.za

9. Is the INTIO360 FTTH service symmetrical?

Yes, the up- and download speeds on all packages are virtually equal, between your home and our partner POP in Mauritius. Some international locations may show asymmetrical speeds because of the nature of international data networks. This symmetry only pertains to the fibre services outward from your home, and not the wireless connections inside the home

10. Why aren't my devices connecting to the ONT with the given password?

The password you are trying to put in is the password to log into your router. Try the “WPA Key” supplied on the white sticker that’s stuck on the ONT to access your wifi supplied by Initio Networx. The meaning of “WPA Key” is Wi-fi Protected Access.

Please note: The WPA Key is case-sensitive.  

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at lisa@initio360.co.za or call us on 011 791 5027