Termination Point & Fibre Package Order Form (Blue Crane)

Are you a Tenant/Owner?

Have you got a Termination Point (TP)?

Would you like a Fibre Package?

When should you be activated?

I acknowledge my termination point during complex build is free & post build will be charged for.

I acknowledge the GigaHub modem/ONT with a package is free.

I acknowledge there is a once-off connection fee of R999.00.

I acknowledge that a pro-rated invoice is sent when the line is activated.

I acknowledge that all monthly billing is due in advance.

I acknowledge that I have read the Terms and Conditions.

I acknowledge that the line will be suspended with non-payment.

I acknowledge that the owner of the unit has granted the tenant to get the termination point.

I acknowledge that the tenant will be liable for the account.

I acknowledge that I have read the FAQ.

14 + 9 =