PlayStation Network connection error WS-37397-9

Frustrating but not permanent

You’re ready for great night in. Snacks and beverages are within arms’ reach, your big-screen is glare-free, and you’ve got your strategy to restore peace in tonight’s Overwatch marathon hard-wired in your brain. The only thing left to do is logon to the PlayStation Network with your console. Then it happens: PlayStation Network Sign-In Failed.

You check your internet connection but everything is working perfectly, so what’s going on?

What is error code WS-37397-9?

If you get this error message then it means Sony has banned your IP address. Whatever you do, don’t panic! It isn’t as serious as it sounds. Except for a few select cases, Sony didn’t ban your IP address because of something you did.

Why is this happening, then?

Your fibre connection runs on the MFN network. MFN uses NAT – Network Address Translation. This is done to convert a set of private IP addresses to one public IP address, which means that you and lots of other users have the same public IP address. This is fairly common among network providers all over the world, and using NAT is done for two primary reasons:

1. to reduce the number of IPv4 addresses needed, and

2. to make it more difficult for hackers to access your router (ONT).

Using NAT wouldn’t be a problem under normal circumstances. Not many users require a unique IP address, but because Sony PlayStation has experienced multiple DDoS (denial-of-service) attacks over the past few years, they’ve been forced to use security measures that can be strict and unforgiving. When PlayStation’s security system notices one IP address trying to access its servers from multiple locations it believes a DDoS attack is incoming. To prevent the attack it bans that IP. Since multiple users are using the same public IP address, multiple users are therefore simultaneously banned.

Another reason this happens is because sometimes PlayStation’s servers experience heavy traffic and temporarily ban a few random IP addresses to ease the load. This means that a public IP address provided by NAT will result in many users experiencing this issue at the same time.

Is there any good news?

Yes there is. The IP ban is hardly ever permanent, and will usually be lifted after a few days. If you don’t need to access the PlayStation Network immediately, then waiting it out is an option.

I need to access the PlayStation Network now, can anything be done?

Again, yes. You can request a static IP address from Initio. This means that your IP address will be unique and you’ll no longer share a public IP address with many other users.

Some of us are gamers too, and we share your frustrations. If you have any other questions about connecting your gaming console to your Initio fibre please email us at:

You can request a static IP address which could solve PlayStation login issues

Do you need a a static IP address?

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