Which Initio Fibre Solution Should I Choose?

We make it simple for you

It can be easy to get confused with so many options available from various Fibre Internet Service Providers (FISPs). Should you choose capped or uncapped, symmetrical or asymmetrical? We aim to cut out confusion by simplifying our packages for you.

All of our packages are:

  • Uncapped – so no worrying about running out of data or having to top all the time
  • Symmetrical speed – this means you will download and upload at the same fast speed
  • Low latency – no annoying buffering while you wait for videos to play or hiccups and stalling while sending bigger email attachments
  • Available on month-to-month
  • Connected for a once-off flat rate of R999 regardless of the speed you choose to connect

All you have to do is choose from the following line speeds:

  • 5 Mbps
  • 10 Mbps
  • 25 Mbps
  • 50 Mbps
  • 100 Mbps
  • 200 Mbps

If you’re not sure which is best for you, we’re happy to help you select based on your personal requirements.

Connect multiple devices to the internet with an Initio Networx Fibre Solution that’s right for you

Need help in choosing the right fibre solution for your home?

Initio Networx Fibre Solutions



Unlimited access to the internet – no nasty surprises on your bill



Fibre can reach speeds of 100 times faster than your current ADSL connection


Symmetrical Speed

Your downloads and uploads happen at the same lightning-fast speed


Low Latency

No buffering when you watch videos, or delays in sending big emails

Lite 5

5 Mbps
  • Great for day to day surfing, email and downloading. Perfect for the tight budget.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Surf 10

10 Mbps
  • Great for day to day surfing, social media, email, youtube and downloading.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Flix 25

25 Mbps
  • Perfect for streaming your favorite movies and series while also surfing the web.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Gamer 50

50 Mbps
  • No more crazy pings or latency issues while playing your favorite online games.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Family 100

100 Mbps
  • Ideal for connecting multiple devices at the same time, without experiencing delays.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Ultra 200

  • For the very serious internet user that demands and expects only the best.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Connection & Device Fees

  • R999 once-off connection fee
  • Free Gigahub device on all packages

Contract Period

  • All packages available on a month-to-month subscription

Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions apply to all offerings from Initio Networx
  • Pricing subject to change without notice

All about fibre connectivity

Fibre’s bigger bandwidth (the rate at which data is transferred) is also much better at handling more than one person connecting to the internet, than a copper-wire ADSL connection. That means no more arguments about who gets to connect first, and no more “waiting patiently” for a few hours, while the movie you want to watch downloads.

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