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Initio Networx

Uncapped, lightning-fast, symmetrical, home fibre solutions

  • Choice of 6 fibre line speeds
  • Local, efficient technical support

Initio Networx Fibre Solutions



Unlimited access to the internet – no nasty surprises on your bill


Fibre can reach speeds of 100 times faster than your current ADSL connection

Symmetrical Speed

Your downloads and uploads happen at the same lightning-fast speed

Low Latency

No buffering when you watch videos, or delays in sending big emails

Lite 5

5 Mbps
  • Great for day to day surfing, email and downloading. Perfect for the tight budget.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Surf 10

10 Mbps
  • Great for day to day surfing, social media, email, youtube and downloading.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Flix 25

25 Mbps
  • Perfect for streaming your favorite movies and series while also surfing the web.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Gamer 50

50 Mbps
  • No more crazy pings or latency issues while playing your favorite online games.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Family 100

100 Mbps
  • Ideal for connecting multiple devices at the same time, without experiencing delays.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Ultra 200

  • For the very serious internet user that demands and expects only the best.
  • Subjected to a once-off R999 connection fee.

Learn more about fibre

Which Initio fibre package should I choose?

It can be easy to get confused with so many options available from various Fibre Internet Service Providers (FISPs). Should you choose capped or uncapped, symmetrical or asymmetrical? We aim to cut out confusion by simplifying our packages for you.

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All about fibre connectivity

Fibre’s bigger bandwidth (the rate at which data is transferred) is also much better at handling more than one person connecting to the internet, than a copper-wire ADSL connection. That means no more arguments about who gets to connect first, and no more “waiting patiently” for a few hours, while the movie you want to watch downloads.

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Estate and Complex Installations

Professional build, installation and management of residential complex and estate fibre solutions.

Getting fibre into your residential complex or estate can be a challenge. There is a lot background admin, often multiple contractors to deal with, and frequently poor communication between the various suppliers and your body corporate, or home owners association.

Initio takes the frustration out of residential complex and estate fibre builds and installation. We assign a dedicated contact point for your complex who will answer all questions or handle any issue which may arise. We work closely with you and your body corporate or home owners association, to ensure that:

Every resident fully understands and knows what to expect during each phase of the build and installation process, and has clear timelines for each stage of the process
Your complex’s site plan is correctly surveyed, completed and approved by your body corporate or home owners association prior to the build phase
Every resident receives ongoing support from our support team with the backing of technically proficient experts
An internal marketing strategy is discussed and approved by the trustees so that each resident receives regular updates on the build process and available fibre internet access package options
Residents have access to our web-based proprietary programme Initio Relationship and Information System (IRIS), which allows for convenient scheduling of access to residents’ homes so our installation teams can install the fibre termination points and routers for those customers who have signed up for a package
Our technicians respond timeously to any line faults post-build

Want an uncapped, lightning-fast, symmetrical, home fibre solution?